Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sparty gets the love!

First, I just want to say that I am overwhelmed at the love and well-wishes I have been getting while on bed rest. I truly have wonderful friends and family who call and check on me every day. And you know, it means more to me that they call to check on Sparty- because really, its all about the baby now. And I'm totally excited about that! So thank you to everyone who calls to check on Sparty. I am journaling about my time on bed rest and I have noted each one of you who has made the effort to check in on us :) I will share with him/her about the time we spent together on the couch/bed. I will also share with him/her all the people who brought meals, sent emails, cards, visited, etc. Sparty truly is grateful and does flips in the belly every time love is sent our way! S/he will definitely know how much you all loved us!

Thank you to my friends who realize that although I have to spend most of my time horizontal, I'm not comatose and still love your phone calls to chat and gossip.

Thank you to Joe Soniak who has stopped by on his way to work to walk the dogs

Thank you to Natalia Soniak for bringing me the most addictive chocolate truffles I have ever eaten in my life... and just sat on the couch with me to watch movies. Oh, and did my dishes.

Thank you to Melanie, my female soulmate who brought me 3 seasons of 90210 to keep me company... and of course, sat with me and brought me the Chik Fil A I was totally craving...

Thank you Karen for your emails throughout the day, which keep me laughing and for making me delish spaghetti and meatballs

Thank you Laura Reichert, for the Chik Fil A cards. I will be hiding them from Jeremy for sure... thank you for popping up on instant messenger to send me encouraging words.

Thank you to my sister Meg who takes all of my phone calls, particularly the... "is this normal" conversation, which would probably gross out your most average individual.

Thank you to my sister Becky who calls me about 3x a day to tell me about her day and keep my mind off the fact that I am utterly bored.

And a big thank you to my parents, who have come over EVERY DAY to do the yard, do the dishes, the laundry, walk the dogs, take the dogs to the vet, keep me company, cook me dinner... the list goes on.

To anyone I have missed, THANK YOU. :) You are truly loved and Sparty will definitely know how much you loved him/her!


Linda said...

We love helping you!! After all, you will always be MY baby and miracle!!!
Love, Mama

Linda said...

It's for Sparty and YOU, too! You're MY baby after all, and I know very well what bed rest is all about-- since I did it with you for four months. :-) I got a "good prize" as the dr. said I would!
Love you, Mama