Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trenton's Birthday- Part 2

So, my mom and I get to labor and delivery. I'm just praying at this point Jeremy and my dad know where to go. The lady checking me in was extremely nice and helpful and luckily, my doctor was the doctor on call. What good fate that was! First, they said they wanted to do some tests to make sure it was my water that broke and not urine or mucus. I mean really? I lost about a gallon of fluid... I know what it was, but I assume it was all part of the routine.

They wheeled me down to antipartum, which is where you go before you have a baby. I was hooked up to all sorts of monitors so they could keep an eye on Trenton's vital signs. I was so nervous about my little pumpkin in there- I just wanted him to be healthy. The oh so fabulous Dr. Grimes came in to check on me, reassuring me that Trenton would be ok although small. He would have to stay in the hospital for a while, but for the most part he would be ok. His exact words was..."he's going to be a squirt" I was ok with that. I was ok with "small," I just wanted his organs to be developed enough that he would not have to be on oxygen. Dr. Grimes laid out the plan for the next 24 hours. I wasn't dilated yet, so they were going to give me steroid shots to help Trenton's lungs. I received the first one that night at 11pm and then the second one the following night at 11pm. They told me that after the second shot, I would be wheeled to labor and delivery and would start the pitocin drip. yuck.

So the next 24 hours were a whirlwind. I remotely connected to work on Friday so I could wrap things up and keep my mind occupied. I was surprisingly calm, although my sweet husband was not. He didn't show it, but later he told me that was the most scared he has ever been in his life. My sister came into town which was amazing- nothing like your big sis to help you out. Jeremy's mom and grandma arrived that night. I was so appreciative of all the support.

Fast forward to the end of the day. I was wheeled to labor and delivery around 1230 am and they started the pitocin at 1am. I hadn't dilated at all so I figured this whole labor and delivery process was going to be a doosey. I was given ambien to sleep but was so uncomfortable from laying on my left side for hours that it was hard to rest, and then the contractions started. I was so exhausted at this point however, that around 230-3am, I nodded off. But it wasn't a restful sleep. The beeping of the machines, the nerves of having a premature baby, the contractions, the IV's and the monitors did not make for ideal sleeping conditions. Around 445am, I wake to my nurse entering the room in full operating scrub gear. My first thought was..."this can't be good." She told me that Trenton's heart-rate was dropping from the contractions and as such, Dr. Grimes asked her to turn off the pitocin and that he was on his way in. I asked if I was going to have a c-section, and she said yes without REALLY saying yes, because this was the doctor's area of expertise. I wasn't scared about the idea of having a cesarean because from the beginning of my pregnancy I just had a weird feeling this would be the way I delivered. Both my sisters had c-sections and did fine. So I was ok with this- especially if it was best for Trenton. So I asked the nurse if I could get up and go to the bathroom, so she unhooked me from my monitors and I walked to the bathroom with my IV stand. At this time, Jeremy wakes up and sees the nurse with me in full scrub gear and sits straight up and says, "what did I miss." I told him what the nurse told me and he asked why I didn't wake him. Now, this whole conversation happened in about 45 seconds so really I didn't know that much.

Within minutes, Dr. Grimes came in to give us the details. In a nutshell, Trenton was in distress and not responding well to the contractions and pitocin, so he felt it best to go in and get our guy. Naturally, we agreed. The anesthesiologist came in to take my medical history so he could give me the spinal block (which was awesome). And within moments we welcomed our little guy into the world. Trenton Cade Waters was born at 5:43 AM, weighing 5lb and 16.5 inches long. He has brought a joy into my life that I didn't know existed. Everything I do is more joyful because he's in my life. I work harder at small tasks and try and not be bothered by the small things. I am so blessed to be married to Jeremy and be mom to Trenton.


Meghann said...

you sister IS amazing. and an awesome photographer as well.

still love that little pouty face when he was only a few hours old.

Linda said...

He started "the lip" early on haha.
Love, Moppy