Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Trenton's Birthday- Part I

I know most of you are DYING to hear the tale of Trenton's birthday. It was quite the saga...let me tell you! Thursday, September 2 started off like any other Thursday. We woke up and went to work... we got home, went for a short walk and then went back home to eat dinner. I was particularly excited about this Thursday because it was the kickoff to the College football season. South Carolina was playing and most SEC teams do not typically open up their season on a Thursday. So I was excited. The upcoming labor day weekend was full of cookouts and football games- we were looking forward to it. Little did I know however, Sir Trenton had his own agenda. Around 8:45 that Thursday night, I went upstairs to get my pj's on and commence my nightly netti pot routine. For any of you ladies who have been pregnant, you know how crucial the netti pot is to pregnancy sinusitis. Around 9pm, I had just finished my netti pot and was blowing my nose and felt something warm in my undies. My first thought was... "great, I'm now losing bladder control to go along with everything else weird that my body has started to do. Just one more thing Jeremy can harass me for..." So, I went to the bathroom trying to play it off (because my husband was in our room) and immediately knew this was not urine but my amniotic fluid. A wave of panic ran over me because at this moment, I was only 33 weeks 5 days pregnant. Too soon for Trenton to make his grand appearance. Soooooo, the tears came. I was hysterical. I told Jeremy my water broke and his response was..."are you serious." I think he knew by the look on my face that I was serious. So I started hysterically sobbing saying, "He's not ready" but Jeremy assured me that he was ready. I however, meant that I knew my son was extremely premature and would no doubt face challenges in many areas. The first call was to my parents because they live down the street and at that moment I needed to talk to my mom. There is nothing like hearing your mom tell you everything will be ok. My mom then had my sister call me and at that moment the water works really began- both my tears and amniotic fluid were unstoppable at this point.

We had yet to pack our hospital bag because we really didn't think we would need it yet. So, my sister Meghann gets on the phone to tell Jeremy what to pack. I'm watching him repeat what she is saying, but I think he was so nervous that what she was saying wasn't really being comprehended. For example, he said.."ok, pack her some yoga pants" and then he grabbed some of his basketball shorts. I was too freaked out to care at this moment so when we got to the hospital I noticed that he had packed pretty much for him, leaving me his t-shirts and basketball shorts to wear. As such, I rocked out the super awesome hospital again. Again, I was so freaked out I didn't care.

When we arrived at the hospital, the whole bottom half of my body was soaked with amniotic fluid. Some women say that when their water breaks its just a slight leak, others say they feel incontinent... me on the other hand, felt like I was gushing water. Gross I know, but what can I say? Trenton was ready to meet us. Jeremy dropped me off at the door we thought we were supposed to enter through. At this moment, we realized that everything we learned in the hospital tour was insignificant. Jeremy dropped me off and drove away to park... I get up to the door to realize it was locked. Of course, I'm crying hysterically and the guy mopping on the other side of the door tells me to go to the emergency room. Jack ass. I mean really? He couldn't just open the door?

Luckily my parents knew that they had to enter through the emergency room and met us at the door. Jeremy dropped me off with my mom and we walked inside. At this point, I'm sure I looked completely awesome. The lower-half of my body was obviously soaked and I was wearing Jeremy's gray USMC t-shirt. Hotness. There was a long line at the check in table, but I'm pretty sure the nurse standing close by knew what was going on with me so I was quickly wheeled up to labor and delivery....