Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I feel like I need some extra organization in my life. As you know, babies come with a truckload of stuff. We have bouncy chairs, jumparoos, swings, floor mats for tummy time, toys... you name it. You walk in my house and you instantly notice a little person lives there. As such, I need to revamp the organization in my house. I need to find a way to use every little nook and cranny in my 1800 sq ft townhouse. My mom, who is the organization master has kindly volunteered to help me organize the downstairs closet. That woman is a saint- its not like she doesn't do enough already for us. She watches Trenton EVERYDAY while we are at work. But alas, I need some tips on any good bins or storage boxes you have that can store clothes, toys, really anything. Any tips? thanks!


Courtney said...

See through Rubbermaid totes with lids work for us. My OCD butt labels them, too. I put the kid's clothes in by size so that if we are blessed with a third child, I can just grab what I need. If you don't have the storage space for big totes, try those vacuum bags. I'm always amazed when we put away our big puffy winter jackets and it's flatter than my flip flops.

I also love those cube organizers with the fabric bins. We have a 9-block shelf and I can clean up my living room enough to make it not look like Toys R Us as well as change the colors to match any phase I'm in or trend I choose. It also helps the kids learn some responsibility - one bin comes out at a time and has to be cleaned up before another comes out.

Linda said...

Thanks sugar!!
Love you, Mama