Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Einstein

...Any of my mom friends use this and like it? I know it sounds terrible, but having something to entertain Trenton for just 30 minutes so I can cook dinner would be great. Is that bad? I love playing with my guy but just 30 minutes would be great :)

We have a 3 day weekend this weekend and I have a million projects listed in my head that we need to get done. We desperately need to do some organization and stop using Trenton's room as a storage space. We need a bigger house- but all in due time. I love my little townhouse, and honestly its not so little- 1800 sq feet. But, I'd love to have a big house and yard for Trenton and the dogs. My hopes are that I will be able to get a great teaching job soon. This semester, I have started teaching my first class. Its a Masters level research methods class and I am loving it. I was so nervous about teaching, not because I have a fear of public speaking, I actually LOVE it, but because I was afraid that I wouldn't like it. And then, all this work that I'm doing wouldn't be for nothing necessarily, but wouldn't be for what I thought it would be. But as luck would have it, I love teaching. I try and making research fun and exciting and get the class to interact with me. I have 19 students and teach on Tuesday mornings from 9-12. Long class, but luckily I have a wonderful mentor who is helping me. The class is part of my program, so I'm earning credit for it. Which is awesome- because Im getting credit for doing something I love. So pray that a great teaching position this fall- I'd love to teach in the classroom or online. But ultimately, I'd love to break away from my 40 hour week:)


Meredith and Brian said...

swingtime or in the bouncer watching the noggin channel (105) or sprout were good ways to get a few minutes to myself when the boys were little. he cant see everything nor understand but the bright colors and the sounds are enough.