Sunday, January 9, 2011


Just a quiet Sunday morning at the Waters' house. (This picture isn't from this morning, but rather New Years). I'm all set and ready to go to church, but Trenton is asleep in his swing and I'm hesitant to wake him up. We may or may not get there this morning but thats ok. I'm spending these peaceful minutes reading my Bible and feeling so grateful that I know Jesus in a personal way. Next week, I have the opportunity to speak at the youth group at my sister's church and share my testimony. I get to share how God has done amazing things in my life and has helped me overcome some serious pain in my life and how He has blessed me with an amazing husband and son.

Sometimes, I forget to be thankful for what I do have and complain about what I don't have. Sure, I'd love a new car and a bigger house but in the long run, those things are not what brings true happiness. (Although a new couch would be awesome because ours is falling apart). As Jeremy and I are working towards goals, we have to sacrifice a lot. He constantly reminds me that I have not chosen an "easy" goal in life and that my dreams are not small. Working towards my PhD has been challenging, fulfilling, and stressful. I just hope that my hard work pays off in the future. I now have an even better reason to continue my work and its this guy:

He reminds me that there is a purpose for my hard work. Not only am I working at becoming Dr. Molly for myself but for my husband and son. I want to give him everything in the world. My unconditional love for him makes me better and pushes me to work harder... I'm so blessed and I can't share that with you enough!


Linda said...

I LOVE that picture of him sleeping! I get to see him to that a lot here. :-) Then, he wakes up and gives that grin and all is right with the world.
Love, Moppy