Monday, April 11, 2011


Gerber Baby? I think so! Of course, I'm supposed to think my child is the most handsome boy in the world and I really really do! But, to all my mommy friends with boys- your's comes in a close second ;) And I totally accept the fact that you'll disagree wtih me. I love being a mom to a boy!!!!

We had a great weekend of relaxation, papers, and The Masters. I think Jeremy really enjoyed playing with Trenton and watching golf. Its going to be one of their favorite daddy/son bonding moments. Golf. Jeremy constantly comments on how he can't wait to take Trenton out of the golf course. I Just hope Trenton is potty-trained by that point. We don't need any mid-course diaper blowouts. Summer is upon us. The weather is constantly up and down and the whole family has been battling a cold that has made its way over to my mom's house (Sorry Moppy!). Trenton has his humidifier on constantly in his room as do we. I'm hoping the pollin and allergins in the air blow away soon! I'm over snotty noses! Bring on the boogie wipes!