Monday, November 12, 2007

Marriage and Weight Gain!

It seems that I have been on a diet for the past decade- I have never been a "naturally" slim woman, but have had to work hard to stay in shape. BLEH! Anyways.... they say that women and men gain weight their first year of marriage due to happiness, more food, etc. Most of my girlfriends have said they gained about 10 pounds their first year of marriage... Jeffery Sobal, a Cornell nutritional sociologist, did a study on the relationship between food, marriage, and weight gain. He found that married people weigh more than unmarried. Why is that? In addition, women were more likely to consider themselves overweight and have more stringent body weight ideals than men had about women. I know I am concerned about looking good for my husband! I am trying to cook healthy meals for my hubby- which is hard because he refuses to eat veggies... which i love! If anyone has yummy recipes that are HEALTHY- please send them my way, so my honey and I can stay healthy and beat the odds of not gaining weight during our first year of marriage. haha