Thursday, November 1, 2007


Jeremy and I are settling into life as a married couple and loving every minute. We're having interesting adjustments, such as splitting up chores, dealing with each others odd eating habits... and setting good patterns, that will hopefully stay with us through out our marriage. We are also in the process of looking for a church in the area- luckily, we have found another couple that is trying to do the same, so we are on a "mission" to find a church home.

On Monday night- Jeremy received an email that he was accepted into the Marine Corp Officer Candidate Program... I am so proud of him since this has been his dream for such a long time! People often ask me how I am going to handle everything, with him being gone and fulfilling his duties. I tell them that I knew this was [probably] going to be the path we would take in life- I am fully willing to be a USMC wife- and excited about the opportunity. I have realized- that part of marriage is being excited about what your other half is excited about...even though it seems crazy to others. I support Jeremy in his decision to service our country- it is an honor to be chosen for this program. I am so proud of him!

I hear that being a USMC wife is the toughest job in the Corps... I believe it! I watched my mom be a navy wife, and hold down the fort while Dad was on deployment. I have a great example as to how to keep things going at home. I also have wonderful friends and family that will keep me company when Jeremy is away. I appreciate the support that is to come!

Here is a fun website for USMC wives: