Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hot! Hot! Hot!

The past few days have been exhausting physically and mentally. I tend to find that the heat drains you in so many ways...I am thankful that I have a house with air condition. During hot days, I close up all the blinds and put lots of fans on to keep the house cool- especially for the dogs!

With summer finally here- Jeremy and I are enjoying cooking out with friends and slowing down the pace a little bit. It seems that every weekend, we have some sort of gathering. I wouldn't have it any other way. For me, the summer, like Christmas, is a time to truly reflect and enjoy friendships and family.

I have a few pictures above that I upload from the weekend, as you can see, there are very few pictures of Jeremy because he tends to run whenever a camera is present (I think most men do!).... he refers to my friends and I as "the paparazzi" because we can't go anywhere without taking some photos. But hey- we are girls!!!