Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Turbo Kick

Although the above picture has nothing to do with my blog title, I thought it to be ridiculously adorable and had to post it!
So I have ventured into the world of aerobics instructing. It seems to be something I would naturally fall in love with- and pick up quickly. To my surprise- it is completely the opposite. Granted, I totally love working out but instructing WHILE working out is challenging. I have 4 weeks to get the routine down before my first class... scary! I am now a certified Turbo Kick instructor. You can see what it is all about here: It is an amazingly intense workout. I'm sure that if you could have seen me trying to learn everything, you would have absolutely laughed hysterically. I had a blast though. 10 hours of working out is right up my alley. I loved it!

Other than that- I am gearing up for a week of vacation. I'm totally stoked about it and plan on doing absolutely nothing (except practicing my turbo kick routine). Hopefully I can catch up with friends and family. I hope to spend some time with my nieces- spoiling them ridiculously.

I also hope to spend some QT with my hubby as well. Jeremy and I love to have a regular night that we set aside to go on a date together. Well, "go" isn't a very good word to describe it. Sometimes, we just cook dinner together, or hang out on the couch. The point is, we set aside the mental energy and time for one another on that one night a week. We often spend evenings eating dinner together, but on 'date night' it's different - we are purposefully choosing to love on each other. I especially love these times together because I feel like we have the best conversations. We are relaxed and have nothing on our agenda, and conversation seems to flow easily into thoughts and dreams that rarely get the chance to surface. I highly recommend this to all couples who tend to get busy with life... set aside some time for each other!!