Thursday, July 3, 2008


I love my husband. I love everything about him. Most importantly, I love how he makes me laugh and love how every day is an adventure.

Last week, I was having a rough day at work. Busy days (surprise, surprise) tend to leave me cranky. When I am cranky, I tend to not want to cook dinner. After work, I went to the gym, which is something I normally do. When I got home, Jeremy had cooked me a nice steak dinner. He picked out a fantastic bottle of red wine (Greg Norman, which he picked because it was named after a pro-golfer. Anyways, he had a candle lit on the dinner table and my favorite movie ready to play. I mean, what girl wouldn't want to watch Under the Tuscan Sun while drinking a nice glass of wine? It was perfect! When I sat down to dinner, I noticed a bright yellow squash on my plate. I asked Jeremy how he cooked the squash and he said... "I didn't know how to cook it, so I just put it on the plate!". Literally, the squash came from the grocery store and landed on my plate. I had to laugh hysterically. He bought the squash because he knew it was my favorite but had no earthly idea how to cook it. I loved it- his efforts made the night so much more special. It is a sweet memory I will always hold with me when I think about our first year of marriage.