Monday, July 14, 2008

Barefoot Memories...

Ok so I'm not going to bust into song, but as I was walking around in my grass barefoot, I was brought back to my childhood and flooded with smile inducing memories. One of the greatest memories of my childhood in Florida is never wearing shoes. No, I wasn't raised in a backwards, redneck family, but due to the hot weather- I don't really remember wearing shoes, except when we went somewhere. I love the feeling of the warm grass between my toes- it brings me back to the warm summer days on Jackson Avenue. Wow, how simple life was then! The other day, my husband and I were outside and I was dancing (literally dancing) around our yard and of course, my practical, sensible husband told me to put shoes on... "you'll get planter's warts!".... eh, oy. I figured there were so many things that I did as a child that never hurt me or caused serious injury. Many of these things are now seen as dangerous. Here are a few-

1. as mentioned above, walking around barefoot. Surprisingly, I never stepped on anything or got planter's warts.

2. Drinking out of the garden hose.

3. Eating figs right off the tree.

4. Holy Crap! Riding a bike without a helmet.

5. Playing with Sparklers on the 4th of July....

Those are just a few... I mean, surprisingly, I'm not dead right? Amazing. I feel that as a society, we have become so cautionary we often forget to enjoy the simple things in life... such as walking around barefoot and drinking right out of the faucet. These are some of my best memories... what are yours?


Meghann said...

telling my little sister that the my little ponies came and visited every night, but she was always asleep already. the torture you endured . . .

bikes, running through the sprinklers (that sprinkler system was the BEST), throwing mudballs (packed with acorns) at the mean boys who lived behind us.

do you remember Summers family that lived across the street from our drive? they set one of their big sawgrass bushes on fire one July 4th.

also that one year it kind-of-sort-of snowed and we took like 2 hours to collect enough to make one snowball to throw at someone. and then it all melted.

Michele said...

it wasn't just my little ponies that came to visit in the night, but unicorns too. AND, we were NEVER allowed to see them! Such an unfair torture Meghann put us through!

The tandum bike! It always freaked me out when I sat in the back...oh the lack of control! Whatever happened to that wonderful bike?

Painting the swing set with water. We must have painted a couple hundred times and all the hard work never lasted, darn that evaporating water!

I'm glad I had the amazing opportunity to grow up with you two!