Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Disciplining the Underwear

Leo (my brilliant boy is at the left) is currently in obedience training- we are trying to make our sweet dog a little more obedient. I don't really want to say- "we want to make him smart", because its not that he is stupid, he just needs some encouragement in the brain cell department.

One of the lessons we learned is about correcting a dog's bad behavior. For example, if you catch your dog chewing on a shoe, you are supposed to beat the shoe vs. yelling at the dog. So, my brilliant sweet boy has an underwear chewing fetish. Jeremy and I have random holes in our underwear- that'll teach you to not put your clothes in the hamper! So anyways, last night when I got out of the shower, I see Leo with a pair of my Victoria's secret panties. So naturally, my instinct is to yell... "Leo No! No! No!"... but being a good listener of advice, I decided to discipline my underwear instead. So I took the underwear, and started slamming it on the floor yelling... "bad panties!"... Leo pretty much looked at me like I was crazy annnnnnnd so did my husband when he came upstairs and saw me violently slamming my panties to the ground. Did it work? Not sure. But it sure made me laugh. The dog is supposed to make the connection that the underwear is bad... thus leaving it alone in the future. Ahhhh- the things we do.