Thursday, July 17, 2008

My HGTV obsession.

I love HGTV. I tend to watch hours of it, which often drives Jeremy crazy. I love having a clean house and making it homey and organized. My next project is to tackle our study, which is currently the "catch all room"...between Jeremy's USMC and golf stuff, my treadmill and graduate school books... it looks like a yard sale. Now that Jeremy is probably starting grad school this fall... (YAY!)... I want to create a relaxing space for him to study.

I'm scowering HGTV for ideas. I like the office on the right...what do you think? Little does Jeremy know, but he is going to help me in the office transformation. haha. Granted, I'm going to use the desk I have since it was my grandfather's desk, but I'm sure I can find some groovey book shelves etc. from Ikea. Let the project begin!!!!!