Friday, July 18, 2008

Georgia Football

Only 43 days until the 'Dawgs kick off for the 2008 football season. I can feel it! This year, UGA is predicted to blow everyone out of the water. Jeremy and I are gearing up- to watch the domination on our new flat screen high def television (a surprise I got him, while he was away). UGA is predicted to be matched up with the Ohio State Buckeyes in the National Championship. It will be an interesting game, especially since my best friend's family are EXTREME OSU fans...
Anyhoo, Knowshon Moreno is perhaps, our favorite bulldog. He's a stud, what can I say? Here are his stats: ATT 248 YDS 1,334 TD 14. Pretty fabulous huh? We are fully expecting a great show from him this year!

Most of you know, that Jeremy and I went to a bar to watch the bulldog game with friends after our wedding back in October. Here is a picture of the night- notice I am still wearing my tiara.