Monday, July 21, 2008

Dairy Queen for Losers? I DON'T THINK SO!

One of my favorite things about my husband is his fierce competitive streak. I absolutely love how he gets frustrated when I'm beating him in Wii bowling. I think its hysterical. One day, we were both leaving the gym- we drove separately as we both went there straight from work. My competitive husband decided to drive a different way home than me, just to see if he could beat me. As I was stuck at a light- he crossed through the intersection, what an expression of accomplishment he had on his face! I mean, you haven't LIVED until you have beat your wife home from the gym! Seriously!

As I have discussed previously, we put Leo in obedience school... he has done well for the most part, but tends to pick and choose when he wants to listen. This past Saturday was his final test day. I thought he did exceptionally well, scoring a 91%. He did great in the "stay", "heeling", and "come when called" exercises. He did not do so well in the "sit", and "lay down"... and needed some hand assistance. But, none the less, I was proud of my boy. Despite the "A for effort", Leo came in second. He scored only a few points behind Capone, who is a black lab/great dane mix (a huge dog, btw). Jeremy's competitive streak kicked in- I mean- how could Leo not win? As we got back in the car, Jeremy looked at Leo and said... "looks like you are not going to Dairy Queen". There is a background story on this- when Jeremy was growing up and playing baseball, a win would result in a trip to Dairy Queen. A loss would result in a ride home- no dairy queen. This seems to be a sensitive subject for Jeremy. He is very passionate about the..."you don't win, you don't go to dairy queen" motto. I think he has repressed the disappointed of loss and no strawberry shake... Regardless- I didn't know a trip to DQ was on the agenda had our boy earned 1st place.

Jeremy will be a great dad- but it looks like there will be "no trips to DQ unless there is a win" rule. Isn't it amazing how things from childhood stick with us? LOL