Thursday, October 23, 2008

Atlanta Half-Marathon

So I decided this morning (after the encouragement of my darling husband) that I am going to run the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving morning. Its at 7am so depending on what time I actually start- I'll be done in 2 hours, which is my typical half marathon time. I'm really excited- since I haven't run a race in a year. Hopefully I won't kill myself completing my training program in the next 4 weeks. I'm sure I'll be fine. The only real concern I have is the difference in elevation levels between here and Atlanta- I think Atlanta is roughly 800 feet above sea level whereas VB is at sea level.

One of my favorite parts of a marathon is the expo the day before. There is always a great sales on running gear and Gu packs :) After the marathon- I'll probably take a nap and then begin the cooking process. Hopefully the weather will be chilly down there- I can't wait to run in the cold! (Me on the rite with my super suave sunglasses).


Linda said...

And Jeremy can NOT go get pancakes haha.
Love, Mama