Monday, October 27, 2008


So the more I run- the less flexible I become. I used to be so limber. I could literally pull my leg up in front of my face and kiss my knee cap. Where have those days gone? Perhaps its the fact that I'm becoming wonderfully womanly or the fact that I run so much, my hamstrings are tight. Thus, the lack of flexibility. As such- I splurged and decided to order fluidity. Apparently, according to my friend Jillian this is a miracle workout. According to their fantastic infomercials (you know you watch them too, so don't judge me), it is the best kept secret in fitness.

The Fluidity Bar features

- The stability of a wall-mounted bar in the convenience of a fold-down unit.

- Designed by MIT-trained engineers. (I mean HELLO! It must work, right?)

- Patented for design and utility.

- Folds down to 4" high and rolls into a closet or slides under a bed. (SWEET!)

I was super excited about this- and was hoping that Jeremy would think it was just another one of my workout ventures that I had always had. Little did I know- the box this contraption comes in will weigh a bajillion pounds. So much for keeping it a secret. I'm going to need my strong, handsome man to carry it upstairs. I already cleared out a place under our bed for it to be stored :) I am DETERMINED that I'm going to engage in twice weekly stretching sessions in hopes of gaining back some flexibility.

So by the end of all of this, I plan on looking like this:


Natalia said...

I want to look like that too! Was it expensive? I may need to invest! LOL!

Linda said...

Wow! Glad it will fit under the bed!! I'll come see it. :-)