Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Jeremy and I have started to talk about our future. Recently- so many things have come up, such as house buying, kids, etc. Being super busy makes me realize I'm desperate for a home of my own. We currently rent a town house- which I adore. But I want to freedom to paint and change things at will. I just really want a white kitchen where I can cook up a fantastic meal and brew fresh coffee.

I also want an updated master bath. Complete with a steam shower and a soaking tub.

A nice guy yard for the big guy is also in order. He needs room to run, chase squirrels, be merry. :) Anyways these are all wishes, that hopefully will one day come true.


Natalia said...

Athens! Athens! Just wait until after our wedding...and then we will start talking. Okay!? I'm ready!