Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday's review

Today's highlights include:

1. Losing my eyeshadow base, which is the staple of my make-up routine. I will have to buy more ASAP.

2. Making WHOLE WHEAT toast for breakfast with ALL NATURAL peanut butter and smashed up FRESH raspberries on top. HEAVEN.

3. Calling my Mr. Waters at home to check up on him while he is sick.

4. Later, calling Mr. Waters at home to check on the dog, who is also sick.

5. The Deadly Combo of weight watchers and chocolate cake=struggle. I compromised and had a bite.

6. Lunch Break Devo: receiving a CONFIRMATION that what I am doing in my life is EXACTLY what I'm supposed to be doing = tears.

7. Listening to CNN and the account of the "Miracle on the Hudson"

8. looking at my sister's blog and loving my own family so much!

9. watching my husband shave is face in his birthday suit


Linda said...

You are so funny!! The last one is TMI!! hahaha
Love, Mama