Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gardasil- WARNINGS

So I was watching the news and came across a story about the HPV shot- apparently there have been a string of deaths and serious complication by women and teens who are given this vaccine. This vaccine was designed to prevent the spread of HPV, which is a causative factor in some cervical cancers. Even if it were effective and safe, which we do not know to be the case, the purpose of it is to prevent an STD that young women can potentially keep safe from in a variety of other ways. The ads give the impression that the only way to avoid HPV AND cervical cancer in general is through the vaccine. As an adult woman, who made some "less than stellar" choices in life- I would say the only sure fire way to prevent heartache and complications of STD's is to stay pure. I've talked to my husband and have told him, if I could do it all over again, and do things differently, I would.

Every woman (and man) has a choice on how they want to live their life. Its their choice and their consequence. Not to sound harsh, but I've seen so many young women destroyed by a sexual lifestyle. Its heartbreaking. I've helped a lot of young girls deal with pregnancy, STD's, emotional turmoil, etc. Its just not worth it. Wait for that ONE who is going to love you unconditionally. That one special guy who is going to love you whether or not your fart in your sleep or have a big zit on your face. The other guys are just, well- NOT WORTH IT. I hope my future children will value their purity in a way I wish I had. I am grateful though, to know my husband loves me for ME. So listen up girls- get with it! Value yourself. Remember, You don't have to do "it" to be loved!


Meghann said...

Moll, you are such an incredible person. Thank you for allowing God to use you--your good decisions, your mistakes, everything--to reach to others. I know that you are and will be a huge impact on my girls' lives, as well as many others.
I love you!

and PS--I am with you. there is nothing in the world right now that would make me give my daughters a shot that has not been around long enough to know the long term effects, and that only prevents diseases they can avoid by making good decisions.