Friday, February 6, 2009

Things to do on a budget

Lately I've been enjoying time with my husband as we explore new ways to have fun without spending money.
We've started playing racket ball.
It gets dangerous.
I've yet to get pelted with the ball but I have a feeling it will happened eventually... and I'll probably get bruised and
be mad at my husband for a week.
Throughout this process, I've realized that I actually enjoy the things we've been doing recently- I feel like we are spending more quality time together, instead of going to an expensive dinner where we don't talk much because we are well, stuffing our faces.
Spending time together is not about spending money.
It is honestly just about
being together.
Here are some free/cheap things to do in Hampton Roads

  1. Visit the MacArthur Museum

  2. Go to the base and look at all the ships

  3. Play Racket Ball

  4. Go to the Nauticus Museum

  5. Take our dogs to the park

  6. Watch Movies

  7. The New Military Aviation Museum is AWESOME.

  8. Learn how to play poker (sometimes stripping, sometimes not) :)

  9. Running in Sea Shore State Park

  10. Learning to cook new meals!