Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Review

I had an amazing weekend. Since Jeremy and I are on budget cuts- we are getting creative with how we spend our free time. Instead of going out to eat, we go to the store and get yummy food that would cost $30/person at any restaurant. On Saturday night, we went to the Marketplace in downtown Norfolk and bought crablegs and sirloin. All for $15- It was delish.

A good thing about living close to the beach is the fact that seafood is fresh. It was a perfect evening. Yeaterday, after helping out CNU Alpha Phi chapter for recruitment, Jeremy and I went on a run over at the Navy Base. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, full of sunshine and about 60 degrees.

Something about running next ot all those big ships gives me motivation- its beautiful. There was also the French aircraft carrier docked at pier. It looked a little different than our carriers so it was obviously from somewhere else. That, and it had a gigantic French Flag flying on the back. So, obviously- French. French seaman were standing at the gate to walk on the pier. They had these adorable little outfits that looked like 1800's sailor uniforms. I mean, even the french are classy in their military get-up. No khakis or camos for them! The ship there was the Bâtiment de Projection et de Commandement Tonnerre- pronounce that!

Check out the cutie sailors walking around. Let me see if I can find a better picture of their unis. Here we go. I mean, how freaking adorable are they? Look at their BARETS!
As we were running by the ship, I felt it was my patriotic duty to say hello to the foreign nationals and welcome them to America. "Howdy" I said- not really, I just said "Hi" and smiled and ran on my way. And they said........


It was awesome. I wanted to run back and forth just so I could hear it again but Jeremy didn't want me to start an international incident and have them think we were making fun of I guess one "bon jour" will have to do. Last night we ended the weeked by grilling out some burgers and inviting over my parents for the big game. It was the perfect ending to the perfect weekend. One down, a million more to go. Life is wonderful.


Keepin it Sassy said...

I miss you something fierce girl.

Jilly said...

Ha! I totally love it. :) Bonjour = one word. ;) Also, I can pronounce the name of the ship which makes me awesome. ;)

Becky said...

si tu peux, touche le pompom du marin, ça porte bonheur.
Je t'aime!

Becky said...

Call me if you want the translation, but it has to do with touching the pom-pom on the frnechie's beret.