Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"How are you Feeling"?

Jeremy says belly shots are white trash but whatever. lol

I swear I get asked that question a million times a day... its not just the question, but the nonverbals that go along with it. The sound of disdain in the voice, the look of pitty, the concerned wrinkles on the forehead. Really I just want to scream... "I'm pregnant I didn't lose a leg and I'm not dying!" I know the questions are out of concern but quite frankly, they are just getting annoying. I'm feeling fine- no throwing up (I can proudly say I have not puked ONCE in the last 11 weeks). Other than other mild pregnancy symptoms and a sinus infection (that made me want to jump out a window), I am really feeling pretty good. There are days where I have to remind myself that I am pregnant because other than the massive melons where my chest once was, I feel normal!
This week, says "At 11 weeks pregnant, your lower abdomen is probably just starting to protrude a bit now (though you likely still look less like you're pregnant and more like you've been overdoing the doughnuts)." Honestly, I feel like I started showing pretty quickly and I'm not sure why. I've repeatedly been asked..."are you having twins" and the answer is NO. We have been twice confirmed that there is one baby in the belly. :)


Linda said...

You look beautiful. :-)
Love, Mama

Natalia said...

Note to self: Do not ask Biggie how she is feeling. LOL!!