Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The heat... oh the HEAT!

This is the first summer, ever, that I have dreaded walking outside. Even walking to my car is a daunting task that I have come to loathe. Perhaps it is the tiny space heater I have inside of me, or the fact that I have about 1/4 more blood running through my veins. I grew up in Florida, and as such, the heat is no stranger to me. Thus, you can imagine how weird it is for me to loathe summer. I'd prefer to stay parked on my couch in front of a floor fan if ya know what I mean. I don't even enjoy the pool very much- after a short bit in the sun I get a heat induced headache and for a woman who can't take anything med-wise, this isn't fun. I do however, love the beach. Perhaps it is the strong breeze that keeps me cool or the chilly water. I have found I can handle this for about an hour or two.

My personal space heater is not so much of a fan of the heat either. Jeremy and I joke that we are going to need to move to a New England state where he can play Ice-Hockey. We aren't really sure how that would work out- since neither of us are experienced with snow and/or ice-hockey. I guess we'll throw it into the learning process that comes with parenting in general :)

Any other mommies out there pregnant THROUGHOUT summer? How did you handle the hottest month of August? I sweat just thinking about it. Ciao!


Linda said...

Maybe August will be cooler than it is now-- it can't be much hotter!!