Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things I'm thankful for....

I don't need fancy things or exotic trips across the world.i don't need lots of money in my bank account or a big titled job.

I need the little things...because when all is said and done, it is the little things in life that matter the most & make me the happiest.

it is holding hands with Jeremy while taking the dogs for a walk
it is feeling Sparty move around and kick.
it is snuggling during thunderstorms
it is hearing stories about my nieces and nephew that make me excited about being a mom
it is slowly putting together Sparty's nursery, and being amazed that a little person will inhabit that room soon
it is smelling fresh cut grass & rain drops.
it is cutting up fresh fruit for snacks- how i love fresh fruit
it is watching my husband be so excited about becoming a dad
it is watering the flowers on my porch
it is listening to my favorite praise music
it is going for a walk around the neighborhood and rushing home to beat the thunderstorm
it is watching sports with my husband
it is calling my mom and my sister everyday
it is talking to my best friends and having harmless gossip, feeling like we are back in college
it is embracing the hormonal challenges of pregnancy

it is feeling grateful for all that i have been blessed with...
even the little things.


Linda said...

I love talking to you everyday! And soon, I'll have Sparty to talk to, too!
Love you, Mama